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Wassily Kandinsky - Concerning the Spiritual in Art.pdf218 KB8/30/2010 12:52 AM
Burke Edmund - Of the Sublime and Beautiful.pdf262 KB8/30/2010 12:52 AM
150 Art Books.mht388 KB9/4/2010 4:39 AM
Aesthetics and the Foundation of Interpretation. Watson.pdf419 KB8/30/2010 12:52 AM
Emison - The Shaping of Art History ~ Meditations on a Discipline.pdf646 KB8/30/2010 12:52 AM
Young - Art and Knowledge.pdf657 KB8/30/2010 12:52 AM
Patronizing the Arts - Garber.pdf735 KB8/30/2010 7:38 AM
Philosophy of the arts 3rd ed.pdf877 KB8/30/2010 7:38 AM
Leonardo da Vinci - The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci (Oxford World's Classics).pdf1,027 KB8/30/2010 7:38 AM
The Aesthetics of Nietzsche and Camus.pdf1,032 KB8/30/2010 7:38 AM
A Concise Companion to Contemporary British and Irish Drama.pdf1,078 KB8/30/2010 7:38 AM
Knowing Art - Essays in Aesthetics and Epistemology (Philosophical Studies Series).pdf1,198 KB8/30/2010 12:40 AM
Mey - Art and Obscenity.pdf1,211 KB8/30/2010 12:40 AM
Noël Carroll - Philosophy of Art - A Contemporary Introduction - Routledge.pdf1,230 KB8/30/2010 12:40 AM
Frank (ed) - Readings in Latin American Modern Art.pdf1,282 KB8/30/2010 4:26 AM
Key Writers on Art - From Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century (Routledge).pdf1,318 KB8/30/2010 4:22 AM
A Brief History of Saints.pdf1,319 KB8/30/2010 4:17 AM
Arnold&Iversen (eds) - Art and Thought.pdf1,405 KB8/30/2010 4:12 AM
A Portrait of the Visual Arts - Meeting the challenges of a new era.pdf1,446 KB8/30/2010 3:49 AM
The Genealogy of the Romantic Symbol.pdf1,548 KB8/30/2010 3:43 AM
Contemporary Theatres in Europe - A Critical Companion.pdf1,722 KB8/30/2010 1:25 AM
Museum Politics.pdf1,789 KB8/30/2010 1:25 AM
Medieval Art A Topical Dictionary.pdf1,811 KB8/30/2010 7:00 AM
Art History The Key Concepts by Jonathan Harris (Routledge Key Guides,2006).pdf1,903 KB8/30/2010 7:00 AM
Artists in exile.pdf1,916 KB8/30/2010 7:00 AM
Modern Theories of Art 2 From Impressionism to Kandinsky.pdf1,957 KB8/30/2010 1:50 AM
Graham McFee - Understanding Dance - Routledge.pdf1,987 KB8/30/2010 8:31 AM
Artists of the Renaissance - Artists of an era.pdf2,019 KB8/30/2010 8:31 AM
Ede - Art and Science.pdf2,204 KB8/30/2010 8:31 AM
Desmond w. Art, Origins, Otherness- Between Philosophy and Art.pdf2,257 KB8/30/2010 5:53 AM
May - Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun ~ The Odyssey of an artist in the age of revolution.pdf2,258 KB8/30/2010 5:53 AM
Greek Theories of Art and Literature down to 400 BC.pdf2,269 KB8/30/2010 4:41 AM
Historical Dictionary of Architecture.pdf2,310 KB8/30/2010 8:43 AM
The Routledge Companion to Aesthetics.pdf2,397 KB8/30/2010 8:43 AM
Fifty Contemporary Choreographers.pdf2,484 KB8/30/2010 7:45 AM
Connor, The Last Judgment - Michelangelo and the Death of the Renaissance.pdf2,522 KB8/30/2010 8:39 AM
The Last Judgement - Michelangelo and the Death of the Renaissance - Connor.pdf2,522 KB8/30/2010 8:39 AM
Saints, Signs & Symbols - A Concise Dictionary.pdf2,605 KB8/30/2010 8:39 AM
Photography. A Very Short Introduction.pdf2,666 KB8/30/2010 7:56 AM
The Spirit of Secular Art.pdf2,677 KB8/30/2010 7:40 AM
Conceptual Art - A critical anthology (MIT Press).pdf2,729 KB8/30/2010 7:40 AM
Mcdonald H - Erotic Ambiguities; The Female Nude In Art (2001).pdf2,730 KB8/30/2010 2:10 AM
Clive Cazeaux - The Continental Aesthetics Reader (Routledge).pdf2,757 KB8/30/2010 12:48 AM
Emison - Creating the 'divine' artist ~ From Dante to Michelangelo.pdf2,969 KB8/30/2010 3:02 AM
Rembrandt, reputation, and the practice of connoisseurship (AUP).pdf2,984 KB8/30/2010 6:25 AM
Introduction to the Philosophy of Art (2003).pdf3,227 KB8/30/2010 7:55 AM
The Structure of Paintings.pdf3,235 KB8/30/2010 7:55 AM
Greek Art From Prehistoric To Classical (Metropolitan Museum).pdf3,277 KB8/30/2010 7:55 AM
Contemporary Art - A Very Short Introduction.pdf3,299 KB8/30/2010 1:26 AM
Art in Its Time - Theories and Practices of Modern Aesthetics.pdf3,344 KB8/30/2010 8:34 AM
Mattick - Art in its Time ~ Theories and Practices of Modern Aesthetics.pdf3,344 KB8/30/2010 8:34 AM
The Blackwell Companion to Art Theory.pdf3,352 KB8/30/2010 12:29 AM
Mansfield (ed) - Art History and Its Institutions ~ Foundations of a discipline.pdf3,416 KB8/30/2010 12:39 AM
Design A Very Short Introduction.pdf3,479 KB8/30/2010 12:42 AM
Pictures and Tears A History of People Who Have Cried in Front of Paintings.pdf3,504 KB8/30/2010 12:44 AM
Contemporary Art and Memory - Joan Gibbons.pdf3,618 KB8/30/2010 1:01 AM
Modern Art - A Very Short Introduction - (David Cottington) 2005.pdf3,678 KB8/30/2010 2:16 AM
Architectural Theory - An Anthology from Vitruvius to 1870 (Blackwell).pdf3,733 KB8/30/2010 2:16 AM
Picturing the Self Changing Views of the Subject in Visual Culture.pdf3,745 KB8/30/2010 8:41 AM
Farago&Zwijnenberg (eds) - Compelling Visuality ~ The work of art in and out of history.pdf3,767 KB8/30/2010 8:41 AM
In the Footsteps of Popes (Bruschini).pdf3,820 KB8/30/2010 8:41 AM
Zaho - Imago Triumphalis.pdf4,014 KB8/30/2010 8:36 AM
Art History The Basics.pdf4,042 KB8/30/2010 3:18 AM
Contemporary Philosophy A New Survey Volume 9_ Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art.pdf4,056 KB8/30/2010 4:16 AM
Digital Art History. Computers and the History of Art.pdf4,072 KB8/30/2010 6:55 AM
Mama Dada - Gertrude Stein's Avant-Garde Theater.pdf4,169 KB8/30/2010 6:55 AM
Reflections on De Chirico and Arte Metafisica.pdf4,328 KB8/30/2010 8:30 AM
Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z .pdf4,371 KB8/30/2010 8:30 AM
Dada and Surrealism A Very Short Introduction.pdf4,403 KB8/30/2010 1:08 AM
Christian Art A Very Short Introduction.pdf4,435 KB8/30/2010 7:47 AM
Classical Mythology A Very Short Introduction.pdf4,483 KB8/30/2010 7:47 AM
McNeese - Salvador Dali.pdf4,539 KB8/30/2010 1:32 AM
Dancing from Past to Present - Nation culture identities.pdf4,636 KB8/30/2010 7:12 AM
The Encyclopedia of Saints (Facts of File).pdf4,681 KB8/30/2010 7:12 AM
Nature and Culture - American Landscape and Painting 1825-1875.pdf4,748 KB8/30/2010 6:28 AM
Voragine - The Golden Legend.pdf4,835 KB8/30/2010 4:14 AM
Renaissance Art - A Very Short Introduction.pdf4,927 KB8/30/2010 8:35 AM
Tanner (ed) - The Sociology of Art ~ A Reader.pdf5,023 KB8/30/2010 7:32 AM
Miles - Art, Space and the City ~ Public art and urban figures.pdf5,200 KB8/30/2010 1:05 AM
Historical Dictionary of Renaissance Art.pdf5,207 KB8/30/2010 7:27 AM
The art of theater - James R. Hamilton.pdf5,266 KB8/30/2010 7:27 AM
Roger Scruton - The Aesthetics of architecture.pdf5,374 KB8/30/2010 1:24 AM
Ideas that shaped buildings.pdf5,478 KB8/30/2010 2:25 AM
Bois, Yve-Alain; Pollock, Griselda; Et Al - Art History And Its Theories.pdf5,560 KB8/30/2010 4:47 AM
Icons of American Architecture - From the Alamo to the World Trade Center (Malestrom).pdf5,711 KB8/30/2010 2:05 AM
The Renaissance (Questions and Analysis in History), Jocelyn Hunt, Routledge, 2005_dg2005.pdf5,847 KB8/30/2010 8:25 AM
The Theater of Transformation - Postmodernism in American Drama.pdf6,110 KB8/30/2010 6:31 AM
Dictionary of Symbols.pdf6,141 KB8/30/2010 8:23 AM
The Private Worlds of Marcel Duchamp.pdf6,953 KB8/30/2010 1:16 AM
Dance, Modernity and Culture - Explorations in the Sociology of Dance.pdf7,124 KB8/30/2010 8:22 AM
Dance History An Introduction Routledge.pdf7,250 KB8/30/2010 7:37 AM
The 100 most influential painters and sculptors of the renaissance (Britannica).pdf7,466 KB8/30/2010 7:21 AM
Post-Impressionism to World War II (Blackwell Anthologies in Art History).pdf8,355 KB8/30/2010 7:21 AM
Golahny - Rembrandt's Reading ~ The artist's bookshelf of ancient poetry and history.pdf8,643 KB8/30/2010 8:21 AM
Late Antique and Medieval Art of the Mediterranean World.pdf8,675 KB8/30/2010 7:03 AM
The Social History of Art.pdf9,126 KB8/30/2010 7:52 AM
Peter Brown, The Cult of the Saints - It's rise and function in Latin Christianity.pdf9,276 KB8/30/2010 7:48 AM
Van den Doel et al (eds) - The Learned Eye ~ Regarding Art, Theory and the Artist's Reputation.pdf9,755 KB8/30/2010 7:49 AM
The Apocryphal Jesus - Legends of the Early Church.pdf10,257 KB8/30/2010 7:47 AM
The Theatre Guide - A comprehensive a-z of the world's best plays and playwrights.pdf10,386 KB8/30/2010 7:08 AM
Art and Architecture of the Worlds Religions.pdf11,504 KB8/30/2010 7:45 AM
A Companion to Contemporary Art Since 1945.pdf12,020 KB8/30/2010 1:28 AM
Kwon, One Place After Another - Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity.pdf12,404 KB8/30/2010 6:23 AM
Pop art - Jamie James.pdf12,809 KB8/30/2010 1:02 AM
Please Pay Attention Please - Bruce Nauman's Words (Writings and Interviews).pdf13,177 KB8/30/2010 6:51 AM
Beyond vision - Essays on the perception of art.pdf13,762 KB8/30/2010 7:43 AM
Dictionary of Biblical Imagry, Symbols & other Figures..pdf14,060 KB8/30/2010 7:43 AM
A Companion to Medieval Art Romanesque and Gothic in Northern Europe (Blackwell).pdf14,140 KB8/30/2010 7:39 AM
Hagedorn&Shalem (eds) - Facts and Artifacts ~ Art in the Islamic World.pdf14,413 KB8/30/2010 7:39 AM
Elkins - On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art.pdf14,800 KB8/30/2010 7:31 AM
Confronting Images.pdf14,910 KB8/30/2010 7:22 AM
Dictionary of Classical Mythology (Cassell, 2001, March).pdf14,964 KB8/30/2010 7:20 AM
Leonardo da Vinci - the Marvellous Works of Nature and Man.pdf16,139 KB8/30/2010 7:18 AM
Ridderbos, et al - Early Netherlandish Paintings.pdf16,726 KB8/30/2010 7:16 AM
Beauty and Art. 1750-2000 - Oxford History of Art.pdf17,345 KB8/30/2010 2:20 AM
Kieran - Revealing Art.pdf18,338 KB8/30/2010 5:54 AM
Graham Gordon - Philosophy of Art, Introduction To Aesthetics [1997].pdf18,814 KB8/30/2010 5:51 AM
Portraiture (OUP) - Shearer West.pdf19,834 KB8/30/2010 5:48 AM
Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-Century Photography.pdf20,069 KB8/30/2010 5:44 AM
The routledge companion to Postmodernism-2001.pdf20,285 KB8/30/2010 2:17 AM
The Limbourg Brothers (ed. Duckers en Roelofs).pdf20,920 KB8/30/2010 5:41 AM
Kroker, Arthur & Cook, David - The Postmodern Scene - Excremental Culture And Hyper-Aesthetics.pdf21,699 KB8/30/2010 5:39 AM
Art Nouveau Encyclopedia of Style.pdf22,062 KB8/30/2010 1:47 AM
Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics (Blackwell Philosophy Guides) [2004].pdf22,724 KB8/30/2010 5:36 AM
Surrealism and Architecture.pdf26,459 KB8/30/2010 2:30 AM
Beauty and Islam Aesthetics in Islamic Art.pdf31,075 KB8/30/2010 7:14 AM
Surrealist painters and poets - An anthology.pdf32,577 KB8/30/2010 7:01 AM
Elsen - Rodin's Art.pdf33,237 KB8/30/2010 7:09 AM
Encyclopedia of 20th Century Photography (Routledge).pdf34,154 KB8/30/2010 2:29 AM
Gombrich - ART AND ILLUSION.pdf34,154 KB8/30/2010 5:30 AM
Visions of Heaven - The Dome in European Architecture.pdf35,379 KB8/30/2010 5:26 AM
After Modern Art 1945-2000 (OUP) David Hopkins.pdf35,981 KB8/30/2010 2:00 AM
Mittler - Art in Focus (Glencoe, 2006).pdf40,459 KB8/30/2010 5:22 AM
The Facts on File Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend.pdf41,046 KB8/30/2010 7:03 AM
Focal Press - Focal Encyclopedia Of Photography, 4Th Ed - Apr 2007.pdf43,151 KB8/30/2010 1:40 AM
Panofsky - Studies in Iconology.pdf48,102 KB8/30/2010 8:19 AM
DeBolla, Peter - The discourse of the Sublime - Readings in the History, Aesthetics and the Subject.pdf52,802 KB8/30/2010 8:17 AM
History of the Restoration and Conservation of Works of Art.pdf53,710 KB8/30/2010 6:44 AM
Understanding Early Christian Art.pdf55,414 KB8/30/2010 6:28 AM
Harrison&Wood (eds) - Art in Theory 1900-1990 ~ An anthology.pdf65,419 KB8/30/2010 6:13 AM
Minimal Art.pdf67,505 KB8/30/2010 2:31 AM
Taft Meyer - The Science of Paintings.pdf68,918 KB8/30/2010 8:15 AM
Bob Avakian - Observations on art and culture, science and philosophy.pdf70,937 KB8/30/2010 8:11 AM
Frank Lloyd Wright - Living Architecture.pdf80,470 KB8/30/2010 2:28 AM
DK - Art Explained.pdf80,756 KB8/30/2010 2:02 AM
The Golden Section.pdf91,771 KB8/30/2010 2:23 AM
Essential Visual History of World Mythology (National Geographic).pdf94,210 KB8/30/2010 8:09 AM
The Art Of The Portrait .pdf107,663 KB8/30/2010 8:33 AM
Robert Cumming - Eyewitness companion to art.pdf108,050 KB8/30/2010 2:22 AM
Beholding the sacred mysteries - Programs of the Byzantine sanctuary.pdf121,802 KB8/30/2010 8:36 AM
Toman - The Art of Gothic.pdf622,231 KB8/30/2010 8:41 AM